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Garden of All Seasons - text


“I’m travelling for so long
In the garden of all seasons”

I’m travelling for so long
I’ve discovered so many hidden truths
And I feel so alive like
The memories blowing my mind

I feel so alive
Colors exploding my mind
Blinding my eyes with
Blissful light

Seasons alternate each day
My heart pounds and
I long for the sun
And a walk by the seashore
My wish becomes real
I’m in command
Of my thoughts
My journey...

I’m mesmerized
And I'm confused
Could this be real
Could this be true?


I’m mesmerized
By the sand,
Grabbing soft grains with my hands,
Bathing in the soothing
Comfortable ocean of Utopia
The Ocean and the Sun of Utopia...

Chorus 2

The sand now turns into leaves,
Leaves turn into trees,
I feel the cold wind blow
As autumn invades my senses

Senses become colder
The warmth of the fireplace
Hits my face,
Winter is here
The snow gently falls
Soon to morph into
The beautiful flowers
And the rainbow shows up
Above the full grown trees of spring

It's the garden of all seasons

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