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I rush to the subway
The underground chaos
You don't answer the cell
I wonder if you're well

This crowed theatre
Of overacting players
Doomed this poor Earth
Was this all worth?

Let me save you
From this nightmare
Drive away the dark skies
For the rest of our lives

I wish you in my arms
Freeze the World outside
Time stands still forever
Stay with me
Never sever

Can't you see?
It's been here all this time
Can't you see?
It's watching…

I’m looking for you my dear
Maybe you've fallen asleep
Danger is closing in
I love you from within

Alarm sirens scream
Desperately trying to overrule
The loudness from the clouds
And we see the fleeing crowds

I see you in the distance
Trapped by the insane crowd
I push you
I push you away!
Let's run from this day
Let's run from this nightmare!

As we kiss and embrace
We drive away fast
Behind the city collapses
In a chaotic symphony
And I recall my dream
Was it an epiphany?

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