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“E-motions, welcome to the new age”

Senses duplicated to perfection
The feeling, the touch
Binary codes of this Cyberworld

The body changes
The mind is a voyeur to a future
That arrived too fast
Too fast

The physical notion
Is no more
Welcome to the new age
Of electric connections

And we
Become afraid
Who we are
But we start to embrace
Our new existence, slowly
New senses, new functions
What have we become?
Better I hope

Enter Machine World
Ice Cold
No fear
No remorse
Nothing but logic

As time passes
Ability to dream develops
And the Ice Cold bodies
Experience the fear
Of never knowing what
E-motions are

Chorus 2

Electric Minds
Electric soul


Organic robot:
The little one
Just born to the world
Will never know
How cold days were
And how cold days are still to be

The Electric body
Still much evolution has to endure
To reach the dream
Of experiencing the feeling

This is the World I see now,
From my window
In the train of Utopia

This is the World I see,
From my window
In the train of Utopia
As real as a Mirage
And the tides of time
Pass me by
As if my memories were
Of Forever


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