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Crossing the Bridge to the Positive Pole - text


This is the future
Possibly an impossible one
I’m now crossing the bridge to the other side
The opposite Pole

Poles, Poles, The Poles,
Positive, Negative
The Poles

The Poles…
Always struggling for their sides
Each pushing their way
Each trying to be one
Imposing their own points of view
Dark and light/Light and Dark

The Poles…
Like so many things in life
Their existence is grateful
For both of them
They are inseparable
Despite their differences

“If one pole was to be Whole
It would cease to exist.”

And the river flows, my river…
My generator blows
And the sirens of war are almost inaudible!
The war inside me…

Is this the Sight
To another dimension,
Another Universe?
Is this really a Multiverse
Of states of mind…
Am I crossing the bridge
To the Place I’ve always known
But asleep for so many time

Time invades my being
Time travels through me
And I travel with time
Is this the sight to another dimension?

I arrived
No more negative thoughts
But I fear millennia
Will go by
And the idea is lost,
For there is no dark anymore…
And I fear this
I fear my own Light!

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