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a hopeless end, the dark closes in
fower from hell, the dead will return
the gates are open, a final assault
demons arise, the mortals will burn
hounds of hell, an army of doom
no mercy shown, a pure killing spree
pitch black eyes, in search for your flesh
unholy butchers, pure evil will set me free

the awakening of the dead
the awakening of the dead

an endless night, the end of our world
there is no future, all will be dead
human flesh, torn apart
satanic slaughters, in rivers of red
the end is here, it's time to die
guts and gore, torture and pain
blood will ber spilled, skulls will be crushed
bloodthirsty zombies, will feed on your brain

rising from the darkness, legions of the dead
rotten human bodies, wating to get fed

the awakening of the dead
the awakening of the dead

they rise!

Text přidala Lucipher69

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