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Bare legs in the snow, you cut my hair
And told me to get some sleep
I don't want to go anywhere without you
I don't want to go anywhere at all
The snow filled the air, an icing sugar dream
I wrote my name on the window
You closed all the doors as the lights went out
Living by candlelight during the storm
They all shake their heads, write poisonous words
In ink that stains my skin
Though I fall apart so easily, you keep your head
Reassuring and promising me
You said
"i will take care of you, I don't care if it's not allowed
Say what they will, we don't have to stick around
We can go anywhere, we can go anyplace that you want
Oh please baby don't cry, slow down and hold my hand
I love you, believe me, but your search for a better man
Has left you so bitter, shaken by the winter wind
And I know that you're scared, I know that you're tired of this
Afraid of the thoughts you can't get out of your head
You never expected, you never see it coming at all."
Your voice on the phone is the only thing that I've known
To be pure
The words you speak circulate and they keep my heart awake
I am sure
Though your memories exceed mine, you were a child in another time
I know what i need
Right now i'm waiting for you, it's all i know how to do
Regardless of what may follow, we'll proceed
We can run away in the night, escape it all, everything
Go to New York or straight up to outer space
Make love in the clouds, sleep soundly among the angels
We have suitcases filled with road maps and dollar bills
Train tickets, coffee cups and decades of time to kill
I want you right now, I want you 'til the day that I die
There's a war in the sky, gunfire and burning flags
But nothing compares to the battle my heart has waged
If i die by your hand, I will die with your flag at my side

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