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Keep me far away from everything you love
Keep me far away from everyone I know
I am nothing compared to who I used to be
I am nothing compared to you
I slept in the hotel lobby, I was homesick
I drowned in the bathtub, I've never been more alive
I called from a payphone thirty miles from my hometown
I slept by the river with the guilt of one who survived
I miss the footsteps in the morning
And the way you pull your hair out when you're scared
I see your early sunset eyes everywhere
I tried my best but i was never quite prepared
I watched the end of the world through my bedroom window
While you wrote me letters of sorrow on the train
I shattered my mirrors and threw my clothes from the rooftop
As you rose with the sun and set with the evening rain
Tired tears and late night busted train tracks
This malignant love is bursting out of my veins
Drive me home from the streetlights at three in the morning
Take what you want from me and I'll burn what remains

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