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Missed violence - text


This is the fear that forces you to shake
And bounce your arms when he appears
And comes again to let aggression out
Through the torment of you perverted
Joy a masterpiece fractures and
Bruises as evidence of work by braid
Maniac spending time with hope leads
In no resolution your own alternative
Of daily reality live for this moment
And be disappointment
There are things you remember and
There are things you can't forget
Like the look on my face
To see the effects of this
Man's determination is it inhuman to be so cold
I'm sure that there is no empty šepkať least
The pain is in there and it's all mine
Suffering builds character
And now I want to silence all those
Who tried to silence me or shall this tale
End as all love stories do no probing
The devious twist and turns of means
Darkest motives because love means
Never haven't to say
I'm sorry where are you today
The door is still closed
I start to miss your violence

Text přidala Cassandra666

Video přidala kajamifkova

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