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[Intro: Eyedea talking]
So I says to the guy "Hey, I'm writing a screenplay"
But Pavlov did pair it with an unconditioned stimulus for a reason
And whoever murdered prophecy can expect a prize from me
And at the exact same time in a totally different novel much stickier than this one came the life of a salesman when card houses crumble
Dammit what word rhymes with "Hide the spike?"
Hey uh... can I borrow one of those cigarettes?
I don't know, I don't smoke
[Verse One]
Everyone I know is hollow
So what am I to do I can't follow
Their footsteps If I wanna see tomorrow
I keep my chin even with the sun of the evening
So I don't succumb to the sorrow
Scarred and hardened is my heart of charcoal
The garden of weight to harness equates that of a car load
Borrow me five dollars for the art show
I'll pay you back the day I sell my gargoyle
Hard boil my eggs with a side of cardboard (?)
Carve my name in the barn to alarm all the farm folk
My ego problem's just a parcel
Vertically I cruise currently enthused to surgically remove my barcode
Momma's little boy seems to have some awful bizarre goals
He's not moving 'til the fungus in his jar grows
He's got a hair on his arm for every dark throne
Hoping the bridge he built of gasoline-soaked yarn holds
For the followers, the deputies and the marshals
And especially the MCs who haven't yet had their card pulled
I roam the streets with a necklace made of shark skulls
And a tooth in the ground that's how I leave my mark
[Break: Eyedea talking, with "so whats really goin on?" repeated in the background]
Don't you think American Beauty was way better than Fight Club?
I mean did Einstein reject quantum mechanics because uncertainties for devils or is that flower just not worth plucking?
It's intriguing, jeez this fucking phone cords
I know a song you don't know
I bet this glass will still be see-through next year
Hey uh... c-could you order me another beer?
I don't know, I don't drink
[Verse Two]
I used to always talk shit about MCs, but then I realized
I gotta grow up one day you see, now I'm more civilized
But, that is why you pitiful guys didn't die when victimized
Cause I still got a unlimited(?) sentience to his demise
Plus scripts from a bitter sky What's this from is it my karma?
The snake eats its tail Wake me up fail to break free from jail
Flaky and stale's my armor
18 and frail as cardboard It's a hard chore escaping from hell
Pardon me for my language your honor
But lately I feel anguished conquering my inner power
A martyr racing a snail a yard or so behind
I'm wandering through the forest like a poor little coward
How were the head games that you experienced?
I nearly pissed my pants as I missed my chance to be
Seriously advanced
Spiritually enhanced
I'd watch the flame flicker and dance but I can't my man I got plans
I stand strong with my hand on the mic
Tryna freestyle the answers to life
Cause uh, you know I consider myself a pretty good freestyler
Yeah I like the sound of that (So what happens next?)
[Break: Eyedea talking, with "so whats really goin on?" repeated in the background]
What happens in that space between "I love you" and...
Gödel's theorem suggests certain information can travel faster than the speed of light
But I keep flashing back to the first time I broke my teeth
But I'm on Mars
So smile strong, breathe good
The writer of this riddle is dead
Walking, walking, running, left
What's really going on? (repeat til fade)

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