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It took me a while to realize that we was on the same page
We just go about reading it out loud in different ways
I ain’t the only person that’s traveled through this maze
Not really sure whether it’s me or them that’s crazy
Making a hole in every simple system to rekindle the vision
That lost its position, that’s cost is superstition
Sitting in a time machine, a bleeding mind dreams
Of beating blind at steam, to give the crime scene shine and gleam
I’m no longer a boy scout
Cause punching myself in the head won't necessarily get that voice out
That’s something no one ever took the time to point out
But I had to learn to whisper before I could enjoy shoutin’
Periodically I feel like I’ve wasted my breath
And all I’ve got to show for it is paper stained ink
But I ain’t really trippin’ at the end of the day
Cause life is experience, and that’s how Eye One The Write Too Think
It’s How Eye One The Write Too Think ya’ll
It’s How Eye One The Write Too Think
It’s How Eye One Write Too Think ya’ll
I think about all the time that I spent trying to find an identity rhyming invents
So then I could defy by the minds penitentiary four corner rooms, a forks in the path
Consume every inch of my inner symmetry to break out the trap essentially distant
Mentally I’ll eventually snap habitually proud dysfunctional prone
Groomed it new where his thought bloomed, tomb is in musical wounds
And my shadow grew to be my only tribune
And it taught me never to abuse a full
Moon is not suitable sometimes you gotta lose control to gain it
Kind of truths to hold the rain that falls don’t bruise my soul
Like it used to, I’m used to it
And now I’m just working on smoothing out the kinks
The circuitry allows some head room before the break
So what do you gotta tell me that I don’t already know?
Just shut the fuck up and let me grow
I learn from my mistakes and eyes widen with each
Disrupt the clinks or call it what you want but this is How Eye One The Write Too Think
It’s How Eye One The Write Too Think ya’ll
It’s How Eye One The Write Too Think
It’s How Eye One Write Too Think ya’ll
I was scared to death barely slept take a breath prepare to step from where I wept to shed my tears till no nightmares were left
I had my years but no one cares to see the prayers and sweat
They just wanna share the nest and earn their percent in turn
Let it burn till the ashes isolate the cold ground
On that I stood but on this I stand and hold down
I used to be the seed of this ghost town but that was then and this is now
That was then and this is now
The war between the old brain and the new brain was won
When the prehistoric forfeited alien strangles reptile and migrates towards inner peace
The caveman dies quiet the cries riots and bias cease
No one saved my seat when I decided to rise and slay the beast
I just shut my eyes and gave my speech
But I never could have known I would become my own missing link
And it feels greater than I thought that’s How Eye One The Write Too Think
It’s How Eye One The Write Too Think X3
After every person Eyedea mentions… he/she/they got the write too think
Check this out…
My man Musab…
My man Ali…
(Los Nas)
Sep 7
Big Bad Abilities..
And to my main man Stress..
Jay Bird…
The whole Rhymesayers crew…
And each and every one of you… X3

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