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Journey to Oblivion - text

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Standing in the room, gazing to the wall
Forces unknown push me so far
I will feel the fear, that is for sure
Visions or lies, I am gonna die
Searching for the sins through my whole life
Faces unclear, helpless cries
Destroying my brain, waves and storms
Never understand, pounding pain
Powers start to move
I see the machine
No one helps me to prove
I live in a dream
Loosing all control
Darkness fills my eyes
Feel I am gonna fall
Escape, senseless tries
Scared to live, scared to fight
It is all the same hope to see the light
Panic is what we give, mood we get
Paying the deeds, now I come back
My journey was a dream
Emptiness is what I have seen
Was it all real and true
The answer is here for you
Like a puzzle without an and
Helping to find my death
Calls from a voice
I agree, I have got no� choice!
Looking down the street
Looking for a sign
Get away from the machine
Nowhere I can hide � no, no!
Again I feel the force
Roaring in my ears
Oblivion will take you all
Can not hide my tears

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