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Pretty Tragedy - text


You think I'm always out of line
I'm too fast or falling way behind
Mistakes are made the fault is mine
I'm screwed up, but hey this is my life

Can you take me as I am
Cause I don't see the point in explaining if you
Just don't understand
Cause I can only be what is truly me

So what if I'm not your version of perfect
I'm sorry that wrong just feels so right
I wouldn't change a thing about me
Cause I know who I am inside

I'm a pretty tragedy, I'm a pretty tragedy
I'm a pretty tragedy, I'm a pretty tragedy

I'm, not so politically correct
I don't always look before I step
It doesn't mean I'm broken down or wrecked
I'm just an extraordinary mess, yeah

For the sake of sanity
I just need some room to breath
So excuse my apathy
I'm a pretty tragedy

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