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The night is very close
The time is over, there is not a way out
It’s the time for vengeance
Vengeance, vengeance... For justice...
We are tired to see your acts
We are tired to hear your lies
We are sick to smell your presence
It’s time to see your fall...Satan...
It’s time you give us back all... Satan
To give us back all you stole from us
You say that god is guilty
But he will condemned you
Everything will be uncover
It’s the vengeance against you
All the injustice, all kind of sadness or pain
Will be restore, beyond the light
There is a beautiful place
Beyond that you can believe
So far away from here
But not too far from your heart
Leave the way of death
Change your end here today
Come on and betray Satan
Before he betray you
I love the justice, I want to see other world
I hate the evil, and all that destroys the men
I wish and I desire, another home land to live
Where there shall be no more pain
No sorrow, no crying, no death
You can’t live without his love
You can’t live hating, all the world
Every one who hurts your soul
And broke your love and your heart
He forgive us all before
He forgive us and never remember my sins
You can’t never bear
With your past all your life
You need to remember every day
You need to remember
The vengeance belongs to the lord

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