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Two Moons (Korean Roll Like a Buffalo ver.) - text


Everybody now behold
something you ain't seen before
It's going down
Yes, tonight is what you waited for

Roll like a buffalo
Whoops, they already know
I hope you noticed that 'cause it's too cool to ignore

seodu-lleo seodu-lleo oneulman yeollineun pyeonghaengtongro 4 dimenshioneuro
saeroun nae sesang eoje mannan naega anil keoya keotbogiron
daman ttokkata boiketjiman geureon ppeonhan geotdeul gidaehaji ma
imi i deohagi i dwehmyeon jeoldaero i nae
Welcome to the night

That's right! (Yo, we're running out of time, man)
Selected VIP, wouldn't it be mind-blowingly awesome
now we're on a rock rock rocket
just gotta keep your seat belt fastened

oneureun dugaeui dari
du dugaeui dugaeui dari
oneureun dugaeui dugaeui
dal dal dal dari ddeuneun bam

No you're not gonna shoulda woulda this and coulda woulda that,
'Cause you're never coming back to this trap
See those two full moons, you're the chosen knight
Go and spread good news 'cause we got no time

oneureun dugaeui dari
du dugaeui dogaeui dari
oneureun dugaeui dugaeui
dal dal dal dal dari ddeuneun bam

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