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Waiting for the Dawn - text

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Look at me, I'm starving
Surrounded by a cruel world
My heartbeat's getting weaker
Tired of this life in chains
I remember stories
Of better places with no fear
Winds talking softly
The final dawn is drawing near
Listen to my voice
Hear the cry of a dying day
There's no other choice
Into your arms the only way
Hold me tight, don't let me fall
Tonight it's time to ease may pain
And go alone
To ever waiting gates of hell
Remember all the tears
Shed on my journey to this place
All the fears I left behind
Those empty days
Remember what we had
The whispers of dark mists at dawn
Glimpses of a candlelight
Those empty days
Leaving now
Reaching the other side of life
I've had too much of this world's
Hypocrisy and painful lies
I have finally found a place
Where I can be alone
I waiting for a time to run away
Waiting for the dawn

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