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My time is now, I’m going croatoan, reverse the lies in the life you have chosen
I’ll lift the veil and reveal what you never would see, eyes black, rolled back, hate
In your world of dichotomy
Broken down by the weight of your own sins
Time’s grip will bring you to your knees
You say you see me, but still you show me nothing.
No hope to all. Left out to dry and force fed your own downfall
Laid waste in your head, you had no choice they made your bed
Seldom trust in the things I do, always find a way to make it about you
Shame me for my self degradation with hollow thoughts of manifested salvation
I don’t believe
Heaven is empty and hell is in my mind
Heaven is empty and hell is in my mind
Can you see me? No light in my eyes, smothered by the mental suicide
No creation perceives reality
Now you see me, taken back by the flame that burned in the first place
You’ll watch me incinerate
You will watch me incinerate
Heaven is empty and hell’s in my mind
You’ll sit back and watch me incinerate
Words from the dead, replace my cortex with lead
See what you want to see, but there’s no one but me
The cancer spreads, makes its way through the dead, and now I don’t think I can
see heaven

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Heaven Is Empty (Hell Is In My Mind) (EP)


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