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NecroTransvestite - text


[musick - Matt Harvey; lyrixxx - Ross Sewage, Matt Harvey, 1995]

Brutally raped and hacked, Vagina torn ripped in half , Slash and rend,
mutilate, Garrote the bitch, decapitate, Face ripped off, disfigurement,
Bodily dismemberment, Guts are spilled, violent death, Mangled cunt to
molest... Left embracing the carcass I discover my fomentment, As I
unconsciously rub up against her gory habiliment, The muliebral texture of
the soused and silken garment, The one and only way to find se**** contentment... Suffering from mammary and vaginal envy, I fasten around my
chest the brassiere of the deceased, Excising the breasts with painstaking
precision, I pad my bra with a pair of decomposing falsies... Hastily undress
the corpse, Peel off clothing, quite a chore, Clutching her bousterrie,
Caressing bloody lingerie, Grasping for ensanguined garb, My er****** is
growing hard, Buttoning the imbrued dress, Feminine attire, a bloody mess...
As I adorn myself in my victims blood-stained apparel, My perverse urges are
fulfilled with overwhelming delight, I ejaculate as I slip into her urine
soaked panties, My carnal desire that of a necro-transvestite... Encrusted,
runny stockings, finery for a fiend... Donning ghastly vestments,
necro-splattered closet queen...

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