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Your love saved me! Your love enslaved me!
Dear old friend, I come to thee at last to say that you are now banned from this land and heart
Hush, my love (Medea, I beg you), lay down your rage (be gone from my sight)
Let out love ignite! (We will not reunite)
Your love saved me, your love embraced me!
Medea you enslaved me!
Liar! Killer! Vulture! Robber! Cursed be the bones of thy fathers!
Jason, what are you saying?
Now is not the first time I've observed how your harsh temper makes all things impossible!
Consider yourself very fortunate that exile is your only punishment!
You come to me now when you've turned into the worst enemy of the gods and me
It isn't courage or firm resolution to hurt your family but a total lack of shame!
I've come here, woman, looking out for you
So you won't be thrown out with the children in total need and lacking everything
You listen; it was I who raised the light which rescued you from death
Who left my father and my home to be with you
My love for you was greater than my wisdom!
What about the promises you made?
By this right hand, which you have often held, and by my knees at which you've often begged
It was all for nothing to be touched like that
It seems I will need to, like a skilled helmsman on a ship
Haul in my sails and run before that storm blowing from your raving tongue
Your love enslaved me! Your love betrayed me! Your love suffocates me!
Liar! Killer! Vulture! Robber! Rage exiled us from each other
Medea, understand, I want to save you and our children!
You, with the same blood as my sons
You have your refuge. I'm alone and banished from this country
That's what you've chosen, the blame rests with you
What did I do? Marry and desert you?
Stop being so angry! If you do, things will turn out so much better for you
I'll accept no assistance from you!
All right, but I call the gods to witness
I was willing to help you but you reject me and so you suffer more pain
Beaten down, the gods now upon me frown
Betrayed by a lovers vow, exiled from home
Dear old friend (Jason I loathe you!), our tale here ends
Where once was love now only remains my rage (my shame)!
Your loved saved me! Your love enslaved me!
Hatred grew within me
Is it love that kills us now?

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