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As we go down into oblivion
The express train lane we ride
Though we are doomed by its darkness
We don't fear the eternal despair
Just one last fight to conquer it all
Win the war for the truth to come clear
Or will you die full of regret
Swallowed by the abyss of underneath
Asphyxiate our hearts, bypass our core
Revive us until we can't take it no more
Poison our systems, defile our veins
Now kill us until we live it no more
So now awake all of you zombie heads
Bleed out the filth through your skin
And never pledge their allegiance
You'll die in their well of despair
The myth of a tyrant will speak for itself
Modus operandi
Myth of a tyrant that never will die
Modus operandi now

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The Shadow Archetype


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