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Fascination shines from her face
A visionful sight within
Anger of fools in disgrace
Seeking out for an eternal sin
Feel there is war in all beauty
You try to convince your eyes
I adore all your cruelty
Burning black light on white skies
Recive a message from the past
Drills into your head like a dream
What you see is an endless vast
You cannot get what they really mean
Blood freezes in your vein
After a gaze into the past
See your image suffering pain
Torn to pieces you´ll be the last
Yearning for a last solution
Searching for answers you need
Coming to no final conclusion
Seeding an evil seed
Fading lines without any sense
Can´t you see my intention
Can´t you feel this emotional fence
A cold and naked tension

Wired – Connected
Searching for the answers you need
Wired – Connected
Oh little baby tell me do dreams bleed?

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