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No Pain, No Gain - text


Thousands of designs, flash on the walls - Flash on the walls
Roses and hearts, daggers and skulls - Daggers and skulls
Freehand designs, one of a kind - One of a kind
Bright colours, black and white, make up your mind

No pain, no gain [3x]
Stewed, screwed, tattooed!

You can show it off, down the local pub - The local pub
Caught by the fever, it's too late to stop - Too late to stop
Feel the needle burning, got to fight the pain - Fight the pain
You hate it and you love it, tattooed again

[Chorus 2x]

Sweet memories you carry in your skin - In your skin
The choice of your tattoo comes from deep within - Deep within
No regrets at all, it's the story of your life - Of your life
The gang you belong to, the kids and the wife

[Chorus 3x]

... Stewed, screwed, tattooed! [3x]

Text přidala Honey_xP

Video přidala Honey_xP

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