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Memories of a summer take hold in rays of clarity
Like a veil of smoke between trees it drifts away
When you come to near
On our shoulders, autumn rests without a shadow
Like a mighty deliverer it passes us by
Silence falls like snow covering
your unrest that rests in mine
All that’s left are snowdrifts
in the shape of the storms breath
Everything is so clear
Another cycle has been completed
Without you here
Everything is so clear when you are not here
Winter frost travels the land left barren
Ghosts of the past dance across the night sky
Reminiscent shadows of you and I
Seasons are changing and swiftly pass
like heavy rainfall. Will it wash you away?
Still without an answer
I lay my head back
I follow and crawl into your shadow
Shelter from the turning earth, the blazing sun
and the restless wind, into your shadow

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