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In God I Grieve - text


In god I grieve, so many he forsakes
My shadow is cast the same way
even though I am not one to pray
Come now sorrows, burden my chest

Senseless you drink from the cracked cup
Shameless you swallow whatever’s served
He’s there for the weak, became a tool for the mighty
With neither I’ll ever belong

Because there is no god, just my soul unfulfilled
A sadness that took me and left me to sin
I’ll search for my own church, ’til then there’s this
Only one thing’s for certain, we all die without his kiss

Look to the heavens! Search the dark seas!
There you’ll find nothing, so let nothing set you free
For the sun gives her blood freely and her fire is life
She’s the true light, desire and sight

In god I grieved, he never granted his light
Alone I am free, free from his blight
Seraphic longings are laid to rest
Rid the burdens crushing my chest

So now drink the poison, you’re misled to believe
is the sacrificed blood of his flesh and seed
It won’t bring no forgiveness to the cruelty you breed
If you don’t release yourself
you’re just another lamb to the slaughter

Look to the heavens!
Search the dark seas!
There’ll you find nothing
Let nothing set you free

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