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Everything is coming down
And I can´t find my way around this town anymore.
So I walked out the door and waited for you to come.
But I couldn´t figure out what it was for.
So now I´m looking out still waiting for you to come,
and it seems like I cant do anything to help you.
But I´m doing it all wrong.
I don´t wanna be here anymore,
but I cant do it for you that´s not what it´s for.
And I don´t wanna look at the stars one more time,
and I think I can do it and I´ll be fine.
I said I´m not giving it to you this time It´s for God,
nothing more, and I think I´ll be fine.
You tied these strings around me
and choked me up to where I couldn´t feel anything, and I just wanna move.
I can´t sit here anymore,
I´m so sick of the floor, there´s just something more.
He´s going back there, back where,
everyone´s got a line, but if there´s no love I don´t want it this time.
I don´t wanna fight it anymore, so here I am, and I´m not yours.
I said I don´t wanna do it for you this time.

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Stand Up

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