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C++ (Love Will Get You Killed) - text


Girl, what are you scared of?
All will be lost anyway
I see no good reason to wait, I will meet you
There’s a light where you go

Don’t let in mistakes that haunt you
There will be no pedigree
Helplessness like you would not believe
I won’t blame you
There’s a light where she goes
All is right where she goes
Stay if you think we could pull through
A curse is as strong as there is
The calm collects what is his

I gotta plead with your machines
I'm at the feet of your machines
Tell me anything at all

If it’s a false alarm, then forget what I said
If the snake won’t bite, then I take it all back
If there’s wine in that bottle, then bring me a glass
I'll eat crow, it don't taste so bad
I gotta plead with the machines
I'm at the feet of your machines
Tell me anything at all

The sun is out
Out cold
When everybody gets a universe they do what they want
I’m gonna need another universe I tore mine apart
Yeah, when everybody gets a universe, they can do what they want
I tore mine apart, I tore mine apart

Tried to speak to machines
Tried to plead with machines
Pull me from the ledge I hear ‘em, they’re praying

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