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And the Dragons Return - text


From forgotten legends they rise
Hear them roar, see their wings in the skies
The land is torn
We spill our blood, oh help us dragonborn

For freedom we fight
Stormcloaks we unite

Under the banner of the king
Hammer and axe shall sing

We fight imperial oppression and their lies
It is time
The day has come for us to rise

And so we march
Ten thousand brothers side by side
This is the hour
This day we fight

And the dragons return
Dovahkin, unite us my friend
For their rule must come to an end
When their fire is burning the skies
Sons of Skyrim, we rise
And the dragons return
Dovahkin, unite us my friend
For this war must come to an end
No longer will we listen to their lies
Stand with me, fight with me
Brothers, we rise

Our fire burns away the night
We cry rebellion!
The flame of freedom shining oh so bright


Text přidal paja65

Video přidal Geralt

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