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Three Bands of Steel - text


Have you ever had your heart so broke
It took three bands of steel to mend it
And hold it together
My days become one long and lonely night

Have you ever given all and everything
Enough to fill the ocean
And then she wants a river
Her love was false but oh the heartache’s real

My heart’s, so heavy, it’s a burden
Its moans and cries won’t let me sleep
Even though, I picked up all the pieces
I still feel broken up and incomplete

Have you ever opened up your eyes
And couldn’t see the daylight
And then came the darkness

What’s holding me together isn’t
Concrete, rope or leather
I pray they last forever

Three bands of steel
Three bands of steel
Three bands of steel
Three bands of steel
They’re holding me together
Three bands of steel

Text přidala Wicki

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The Everly Brothers texty

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