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Letters Home From The Garden Of Stone - text


Sittin' restless under the moonlight,
I know I'm getting ready to kill,
They say we're going in with the daylight,
Ma, I don't want to but I will.

'Cause I won't know the man that kills me,
And I don't know these men I kill,
I pray to God for my salvation,
Wash away the blood I spill.

I try not to think about my family,
'Cause it's a little too much to take,
Out here I got me and I got my buddy,
We can't afford even one mistake.

Sorry 'bout writing on dirty cardboard,
It's the only paper that I could find,
Tell everyone I got their letters,
Tell everyone I'm doing fine.

Late at night when I can dream, ma,
I think about life back in the world,
I miss you and dad, I miss sister Sarah,
I miss my wife and my baby girl.

Pray for me, pray for my soul ma,
Pray for me and all my sins,
They say that I got a job to do now,
And I'll be back when it finally ends.

Do you think I should be fighting?
Ma, are you proud, are you ashamed?
Baby I'm trying to do the right thing,
I hope my government can say the same.

'Cause I won't know the man that kills me,
And I don't know these men I kill,
And we all wind up on the same side,
'Cause ain't none of us doin' God's will.

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