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Disconnect (feat. Floor Jansen) - text


So there you are
I have been searching for so long
And here you are
Feels like a trick on my senses

How I wish for you to carry me
Far away from harm and to ensure that all
All we left is still buried deep
So that our hearts will endure

So here we are
I understand our intentions are different
It’s no one’s fault
But there are light years in between us

How I wish that we’d still feel the same
That we did never change and that we’d share tomorrow
No time enough to mend our ways
Without our hearts being torn

I begged until my knees were sore
I tried so much more than you
You never heard my words and I felt I was never enough for you
And here we stand heartbroken now
We lost our way, lost somehow
And there is no hate, I might still love
The paradox of the flame

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Text opravil DevilDan

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