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Secrets of the Ocean - text

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Raging hellfire into the deepest sea
Eternal maker of frozen fire rings
Enlight my darkness with sorcery unknown
Black shells of wisdom, sea dragon's rotten throne
Condemned to carry hell inside
In silent magic lament
Love the pain I feel
My silent screaming
Fly within my dreams
And haunt this sea ring
I hear the silence, been in darkness
I sense much danger, not only sadness
It brings me fortune but now I stand alone
And no one hears my screaming, now enslaves my soul
Behold the ancient knowledge
In silent magic lament
Seven oceans of darkness
Hiding demons in the sea
The blackest black came once in vision
The final secret has been told
In silence
Just before the war
Emperor don't cry
Be strong forever
Dreaming days of might
And plains of heaven
Tales of Everdome

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