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On my quest for the light
In your footsteps I walk
It's so far but so near
In the forest I walk
With my hands on my sword
Is that mooncastle real
I search the world, there is no one there
The dragon's breath freezing the air
I have a treasure to guard
And a dark sky to clear
Moonlight show me the way
Shallow lakes take revenge
For the ages that pass
The seas are fading away
The castle's ghosts are still alive
The haunting trees again alive
Beyond glory and destruction
I guard my tears
Into the tree of world's possession
I guard my tears
Facing the man hails his own treason
I guard my tears
Cleaning the earth of spells and wizards
I guard my tears
Cold is the land
My eyes now face the end
Scar me it's time
With your only nail with pride
All my life I wield pure steel
So in silver tears I'll die
Ages forlorn
I am the last been born

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Tales Beyond Oblivion


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