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Stand alone, my heroes died
The answers on my head
The angel fell, the demon lied
The Seer is cold and dead
There is a God in every man
A man within a God
Even if the pen is sharp
I'll choose the mighty sword
Now I am leaving this world of disorder
As through the divine borders I ride
Stand alone, my father cried
And put your life at play
Never have your dreams denied
Some Judas will betray
Mirror mirror on my wall
Now tell me should I weep
Revelated is our fall
But our's the hope to keep
Dark Everdome
Awake the shadows of the past
Carry us home
Before our final day has passed
Dark Everdome
We are imprisoned in our youth
We'll face the dawn
Come lead us into ways of truth
Why a statue's eyes are always lifeless cold and blind
I have seen, have not you heard? This tragedy divine
Why a treasure's always there but never ours to find
I have seen, have not you heard? This tragedy divine

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