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Darkness Lives Within - text

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In ancient times a holy light just been born
Among the angels blessed arrived the final hope
Angelic wings, armour of ice
His voice of power reminds the past
Maybe the one
Maybe the maker of our rings of light
Illusions of confidence
In silence of tomorrow
The journey has begun
The prophecy of sorrow
The dragon awaits the steel to melt
He casts his spells
Whispers the words and prays to light
With all his might
The emperors reign deep in the minds
Of those who wear thy rings
Cannot be free, trapped in a tomb of silence
I've been in underworlds
In many dimensions
I found there endless fear
Please save me from my silent realm
The clouds are burning
The stars are melting
Dark is my kingdom
Unholy blessing
Salvation came through the night
The saviour was dressed in black

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