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Tongue Tied - text


One thousand faces all look the same
They're all so boring mild and tame
Contaminate him knock off his glasses
Teach him to tamper with the cloning process
Pardon me sir can I ask you a favor
Make me a cowboy like my next door neighbor
Pardon me sir can I use your eraser
To remove my brain of unconventional nature

Take my tongue
It's cocked and loaded
The board has dubbed you special student
Sit alone sweat in silence
We don't tolerate defiance

One thousand paces lead to the gate
They're all so boring mild sedate
You hear me say this don't make any sense
As I hop up and over the fence

Hooked on nicotine and phonics
Fun like macro economics
Still and quiet like they taught us
Fun like macro economics

Vigilante thoughts and a cheap guitar
I am my own movie star
I don't know you I don't want to
I don't know you I don't want to

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