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By the way that you talk to me
I can see the lie you're dreaming I'll believe
By the way, don't you forget who you are now
'Cause that's not your name
Oh you better take cover
('Cause I'm on my way now)
I'm coming back to take your world down
Move over, if you can
'Cause I never lost my crown
Slave to your insecurity
That's what drove you down in the first place
But you haven't learned a thing
Caught in your thick web of lies
Gonna be the bitch you make me out to be
Oh you better take cover
(Nothing you can say now)
You underestimated my wrath
Move over, if you can
I'm gonna give the love back
So you want to play with me?
After it all - your ego, your greed
You dug your grave so come on inside and rest in peace
Take cover
(Cause I'm on my way now)
I'm gonna have to take you all down
Move over, if you can
'Cause I never lost my crown

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