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schnitzelsquad, let's go
I be on that ''10 year old'' body
being naked must be my best hobby
remember when you passed up everybody?
now you on that last year topic
Im proud boo
your song was a hit
to a 10 year old girl who
don't know ***asdfghjkl;***
but i know music
and thats not it
go back to crafting
or just full out quit
Cat ears? Who you tryna be?
swimsuits, always at the beach
camera always at your reach
but I don't see a video
three weeks past now where'd you go
upload weekly? Now you don't
keep that up, subscribe I won't.
Break my back to have a butt
but it don't work
you look like a white girl who can't twerk
But wait aren't you like... like mixed?
With puerto rican too? Damn thats sad.
You say you're a savage
but your pull game is weak
you dust ass edges
are never on fleek
your boyfriend looks
like a girl who don't eat
With his long blonde hair
and his tiny physique
Two surfboards, I've never seen you use em
small butt
no boobs
you overuse em.
Boys each week
then you always lose them
fans so lost
you love to confuse them
Yup, shall I give a list
even tried for weekly chris
you look like a swampy rat that crawled up out of the abyss
get back to your channel, and switch it around
I'm tired of routines, using the same old sound

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