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The Summer Night End - text

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Tonight it´s the last night of two of us
In a strange land in a hotel room
The two of us together and yet separate.
I´m sitting resignated, head in hands
Am I willing to wait for the minutes to come?
It should have been a fresh start
Summer night should have refreshed
Our fading fumbling
On our common quest
I stand up and walk round the room
I can´t find the right words, explain it to myself
The long forgotten is talked over and over again
Until the apokalypse of relation of human souls gets real close.
I tell myself what a relief
You rather run away
I hear the door bang
I lay my cautious self in bed
There is no way to settle the fast running stream of thoughts
Should I run and follow you? Or leave it all to the fate and time?
Did I fall asleep or was it just a dream?
I hear the bang at the hotel room door
Was I hoping to read the feeling in your eyes
and then that I might embrace you?
Shocked I listen to the strange words
Of policemen instead and I know the time has stopped its run for me.
They are taking me to the road past the hotel
Where´s a covered body in front of a car on the road.
I´m hoping to wake up from the nightmare
But nothing of that kind is coming
I beseech to forgive me
I could never imagine anything like that even in a bad dream
Despite of all the pain and trouble of us
I have always wanted to be close to you.

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