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Strangers in Our Homes - text

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We haven't lost our pride
We still hesitate we don´t go cowards
Though our days have been numbered
Or do we just stick to a bright future?
We haven't lost humanity
We try to keep our dignity
But the system and heavy machinery
Of a rotten justice – Shatters us
We might have grown weak a bit
We always manage to escape
and drown our thoughts like a helpless kitten
Where are the limits of the tolerance needed so much
Or do we have to wait for the history repeating?
Nobody wants to reach the last page of thier own book
If only reading could be forgotten
We miss a great deal of courage
Or are we just locked in the shell of the virtual freedom?
All we suffer from is the lack of joy of life
Love, family, and friends – all have value much different than proper.

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