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Demons of the night, slowly waking up.
The moon gets peacefully reflected from the lake level.
It´s time to leave a footprint.
I've been aside for much too long.
I needed to forget, direct stray soul.
To the kingdom of separated, where I vainly searched for a way.
But now time has come for change. I don´t want to leave the fate to rule.
Bring me a new life, I don´t want to be alone.
I see you in my dreams and sometimes in the streets and all around.
It´s always you and yet somebody else every time.
What remains is just a dream,
I dreamt night by night.
You were always in the dream and I never wanted to wake up.
I sometimes wake up scared, sweat covering all my body.
Looking for revelation in the corners of my room.
Looking for the face in tears.
The memories always drive me
to the frosty shivers of my soul.
With all our powers we tried to rid of our sins.
And didn't expect anyone else to pay for them one day.

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