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Dance on Grave - text

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Free fallings of the desires of the evil are circling in my dreams
But vanity in the heart, just a shade in the heart
I can hear tender steps dancing in the loneliness of the silence
Last dance sounds above me again
At my grave-now silence as a drug
You can't follow me, may not yet, not now!
I was sinking down like the picture of your hurt soul
I wonna die for you, couldn't give more
Why can i hear tender steps, dancing in captivity of silence
Last dance sounds above me again
When the cold goes through lightless bodies are going to sleep, i'm becoming extinct
Evil's dreams, where i was looking with love for our shade
Why did you leave, i know madness now, the smoke has remained
Abandoned, damned love, i had to have
Dancing on my grave, why did you lost a needful faith
Standing an my side, nobody hearing your silent cry

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