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Confession to Stars - text

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Trapped in the midst of time
thronging in the endless space.
It is a strange reality,
despite thousands of possibilities of assertion,
I can promise and do only little.
Yesterday I was speaking to stars
when I flow in the most bewitching dark,
I cannot understand your train of thought.
Today I counted the worlds around us.
When I wander along the heavenly path,
you can hardly understand
that you can exchange a lifetime for a single second.
I've always looked for signs of eternal silence.
Perhaps I may send you a sign in ciphers
for you to understand the meaning
of my seconds on your way to bliss.
We are surrounded by thousands of lights,
Will we ever again behold each other's look?
In a tidal wave of sorrowful days,
freezing passion used to drive me on
so I could confess to the stars.

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