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Sacrifice - text

the smell of sorrow, sweet tears
of promises broken, no joy in repairs

On the place of misery we need to be alone
Nasty face looking for us
Try to find some holes to rest their bones
Of an angel, who takes care of himself
scary lullaby, starry skies
Lead me my way to the depths of fails
Your voice now is just the echo of silence
sweet words is turned to dust
But he will must die like a man of violence

I was born to die
I was born with the bullet in chest
I am alive and now i can't rest

We swaying to symphony of hatred
Bloody shirt smells like bloom
The god will give you an advice
I'll call you sweet little sacrifice
Use the man who stole the world
You in deep and not hear your word
You want escape. So don't deny
Sweet sacrifice

Stand up, sinful boy
Now the devil standing next to you
You acting like a toy
But you will not leave,
you will be my sacrifice

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