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Ends of the Earth - text

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I have seen the episodes of madness in the eyes of passers by
I have felt the energy flow through the heart of catastrophic devastation
Of wilderness untouched by greed
A constantly evolving canvas
The ravages of time and knowing hollowness
Contemplating my soul
At the ends of the earth
I’ll race the dying light
To the edge of existence
Where it’s all forgiven
I’ll stand my ground
When the ashes rain down
Fear of the unknown
Drives me further onward
I have seen the sheets of ice catch fire in torrential downpours
Supernatural forces raining over me into the pit of desolation
Everlasting train of thunder relays the fears of our ancestors
Weathering the storm of ages into the blackness where I will believe again
I have become what I could only ever dream of
A wanderer between the stars, a pillar in time
Navigator of the earth and all it creates
I will survive darkness at the ends of the earth
For the air I breathe
Purifying all my senses
Ecstatic wonders at my feet
Rejuvenation of the mind
Natural constructs of the light
Universal solidarity
Will be my guide
At the ends of the earth
I’m running out of time
Discovery waits for no one
I’ll be the one who makes it through the storming waters
Understand the power of nature
Feel the pressure rise as I plunge into the unknown
Unforgiving ocean
Battering me over and over
Pulls me under as the waves crash over my head

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Ends of the Earth


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