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How can you tolerate this symphony of pain
When the world laughs you’ve been left behind
Questioning all the inconsistencies
That sink me deeper into misery
In deafening silence as the clock ticks down
Revelations arrive when the lights go out
Only death can break the spell
From the merciless arms of insanity
In the heart of chaos I stand alone
Watching my back for the next attack
Where I’m alienated by society
A lost cause for the outcast
It’s crawling back into your veins tonight
Feel your heart burst as it ignites
It’s cravenness coursing through my brain
No wings to bring me back down to earth
Distant messengers telling me who I should be
Dark voices resonating within
A humble introduction to the real world
Now comes the pressure I cannot take
Frustrating progress in denial
Mental instability is on the rise
Don’t patronise me with your self-delusions
I’m not to blame for your exile
Through dedication
Determination inside
I crave to make a change
Reveal my ambition
A vicious cycle
Disturbing rhythm
Shifting momentum
Until the end of time
Invasive methods
It’s killing me
Until the end of time
When the dark arrives and dictates your life and your nightmares turn into reality
When the knife cuts fine and the fear controls your every move into insanity
A taste of weakness
A thirst to break
Inside this living hell where I dwell
It numbs your senses and fuels your hate
For the one I used to be is gone
I’m just a shell of a man now
A puppet in the show
It feels like the walls are closing in and I can’t get out of here

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