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Sitting here in the same old park,
where the children used to play
the willows lie awake so dark,
like a stranger hiding from the light of the day
Been here long time ago,
yet the children's laughter has gone
I remember once I felt calm inside,
but at some distant point I lost the fight
Can't feel the warmth of the sun anymore
just the bitter tongue of silence on my skin
lost the paradise I was once living for,
swallowed all the pain within,
Sitting next the willow, where I ended it all,
listening to the sound of silence for a while
until I hear the shadows beckoning call
and in front of me a little girl giving me a smile
Forgive me my soul, we got lost on our way
apathetic I found myself here,
I feel, there's nothing left to say
and nothing left to fear

Text přidal DevilDan

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