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Futile - text

Empty faces all around
eyes like open books
telling lies with every look
nauseatic images on burial ground
Let myself drown in this daily deluge
may death be my last refuge
let me fall and set me free
and grant my soul eudaimony
I've been searching for so long
but every way I chose felt wrong
expelled from the joys of men, I tried to be free
getting used to this void inside of me
Regardless of what they say
I know I was never meant to stay
I will bleed until they'll see
life is the most futile state to be
A dead spot in my mind
from the ones I had to leave behind
I tried so hard to forget
but every new day meant regret
On the crossroads to loneliness
open eyes breed nothingness
a lifeline completed, time to let loos
may death be my last excuse
I've been dying for too long
in your most lonesome hour hear my song
regardless of what they say
we're all meant to fade

Text přidal DevilDan

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