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December's Hearse - text

Waiting for another day to end
another day to comprehend
what I lost within one single night
the peace of mind, a guiding light
If I could just follow you
to close the gap behind,
but failure is a haunting virtue
on this road through no man's land
Things will never bee the same again
though I tried to turn back time
for my own life to regain
a life marked by those traces of thine
All those aching memories
brought me to my knees
playing the every-day role,
hiding the wreckage of my soul
They will never understand
even though they do pretend
they want me to exhale
with another desperate smile
Uncried tears can never dry
and each day I silently die
I keep on following your trace
right into the sun's dying haze
Wherever you are,
no matter if near or far,
your loss remains as a scar

Text přidal DevilDan

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