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Tides of Flowing Time - text

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Don't feel through the memory
Don't feel the tide of flowing time
I see in your face the sign of time
It seems life has passed for you
Your skin is silk no more
But it's old
Secret opposes our love
Don't feel in memory
Remember the beauty of your face
My soul is broken, I don't want to see you die
I don't want my love separate from you
But you must go away
I would die to stay with you
Destiny is an enemy for us
Love for you is stronger than the pain coming out
You and me, someday, maybe you'll be mine
You and me together...and I promise you...
I will come back to you, let our love shine!!!
I'm alive and I will wait for you
I'm alive and my life won't be the same
I will keep your love safe in my heart

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