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And the sea was the place of battle.
Day of the battle has come now we're leaving our land
Now the fog hides Etherna and the open ocean
Time has come to claim our freedom,
To shed blood, to fight and to prevail
Now finally the dark secret
Is no longer obstructing my way...
Galleons ready to fire and destroy unholy island
You won't escape my revenge,
No way can let you survive.
Oh, fury of islands...
Oh, fury of islands...
Fire, explosions and scream of death
Are filling the air
No piety for those who try to break our dreams.
Fight to forget, kill to win and do never complain
Water is red, too many are dead
Finally a duel begins...
Oh, fury of islands...
Oh, fury of islands...
Oh, fury of islands...
Oh, fury of islands...
In your face I see the fear that once held my beloved.
You must pay for your cruelty, you just have to die.
Now destiny of two men collides,
Fury of islands breaks the sky
Hate is taking place in this infernal day
Swords are ready to destroy the life of the enemy
Finally cutting blow arrives now,
Reigns... the sound of death...

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