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Free in Your Eyes - text

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War and death in the sea. A hard fight for destiny. Riano defeated Falerim and found Vesna again. But still another battle was waiting for them. The fight against time, and so they went back to Etherna.
After all, this blood fell down,
Fell just for freedom, it's time of peace with the life
And joy that all expect...
No more tears but just the knowledge in ourselves
There will be no more fears and a land based on respect.
I want you here, fly by my side, in the Etherna's sky,
The stars shining so bright...
Feel the grace, in this eternal flame inside,
I look in your eyes, I know nothing will
Stop me from keeping on dreaming with you,
We will live our days
And noone will obscure our light...
Trust in me,
Evil won't separate our lives
Or be part of our time...
Everyone, in this eternal land
Will have to face the cruelty of war no more...
It's never late to dream, it's never late to start again,
Never late to hope again...

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